Quality Control

Quality control of the whole process

The company has planned a comprehensive product safety strategy and is committed to achieving sustainable development with partners. The company strictly selects global high-quality raw material suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of products from the source. Internal control standards higher than industry standards are formulated for each material and product. From raw materials, intermediates, to finished products, the whole process detection and quality monitoring have been realized. With the health food GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP and other management systems as the basic management framework for enterprise operation, the company attaches importance to product quality from the product development and design. Every product delivered by the company is a commitment to be checked at all levels by Gideon people to ensure the overall safety of products.


Quality assurance capability

Kyodo Health Technology selects compliant global high-quality raw materials, ensures product quality from the source, and is equipped with professional quality management team and advanced testing equipment. It has established internal control standards that are stricter than national standards for product raw materials, intermediates, semi-finished products and finished products, and can comprehensively monitor and control product quality.

Quality inspection capability

The company has invested a lot of funds and teams to build an enterprise testing center, which can quickly and accurately obtain various testing data of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, finished products, and environment, and provide full support for the company to produce high-quality products, and provide comprehensive data support for all the company's health care products declaration.