Soft candy series

Multivitamin fudge

Product specification: 4g/capsule Main raw materials: concentrated orange juice, coniferous cherry concentrated powder, yeast powder, seabuckthorn fruit powder, mushroom oil Product features 1. Select concentrated fruit juice from the origin 2. Rich in vitamins and derived from natural ingredients, containing more than 8 vitamins 3. 0 fat 0 sucrose, no burden 4. Plant-based soft candy

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Mineral fudge

Product specification: 3g/capsule Main raw materials: milk mineral salt, sodium iron EDTA, concentrated cantaloupe juice, zinc citrate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sodium selenite Product features 1. Easily supplement four minerals: calcium, iron, zinc and selenium 2. Imported milk mineral salt, proposed from cow's milk, has calcium, phosphorus and gold comparison and high absorption 3. Add multiple vitamins at the same time to improve body function.

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Red jujube iron-rich soft candy

Product specification: 3g/capsule Main raw materials: jujube concentrated juice, Manuka honey, blackcurrant concentrated juice, wolfberry concentrated juice, sodium iron EDTA, iron pyrophosphate, heme iron, vitamin C Product features 1. Add concentrated jujube juice and iron supplement, and combine Chinese and Western medicine to supplement iron and improve color 2. Specially add VC to make the paste easier to absorb 3, 3 times iron supplement, good life 4. Scientific formula, no iron smell, no black teeth

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Collagen sandwich soft candy

Product specification: 4g/capsule Main raw materials: fish collagen peptide, rose water (double red rose) Product features 1. Imported collagen peptide with small molecular weight and easy absorption 2. The skin is composed of collagen umbrella cloth and elastin umbrella bone, and the collagen and elastin supplement can better give the skin elasticity

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Fruit and vegetable enzyme soft candy

Product specification: 4g/capsule Main raw materials: Chia seed Plant comprehensive enzyme stock solution (pineapple, lemon, radish leaf, red grape, pitaya, plum, sweet orange, green cauliflower, spinach, green papaya, okra, water spinach, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, tomato, red sweet pepper, red jujube, pumpkin, ginger, sweet potato, corn, white radish, balsam pear, potato, golden needle mushroom, Chinese cabbage, lotus root, white yam, mushroom, black fungus, black bean, eggplant, cabbage, taro) Product features 1. Special addition of super food Chia seed 2.35 kinds of plant comprehensive enzyme liquid promote metabolism and effectively decompose garbage in the body

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