Tablet candy

Collagen and turmeric composite tablet candy

Product specification: 0.7g/capsule Main raw materials: cartilage peptide (0.2g/tablet), microcrystalline cellulose, isomaltol, chitosan oligosaccharide, inulin, cartilage peptide powder containing type II collagen (0.04g/tablet), turmeric (0.02g/tablet) magnesium stearate Product features With 150mg collagen peptide added to each capsule, the molecule is small and can be absorbed quickly. It can promote the oxygen saturation of female ovarian cells, repair and strengthen the physiological functions of women, and promote the endocrine balance. Curcumin, which contains high bioavailability curcumin, can effectively promote blood circulation, warm the uterus and regulate menstruation, balance estrogen and progesterone secretion;

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