The research and development center is a professional research and development team composed of food research and development experts, nutrition researchers, technical regulation researchers, sensory testing researchers, etc., involving raw material research, formula research, product validation, packaging application, sensory research, functional research and other directions. Especially in the research and development of nutritional fudge, it has the leading advantages in plant gel candy, collagen casing fudge, high molecular weight colloidal fudge, etc.



It has obtained 24 national patents, including 13 authorized patents.


Formula reserve

2000+formula reserves, and 400+formulas are developed every year, which can quickly transform products for customers.


Modular team

Formula researcher, process researcher, regulation researcher, microbiological researcher, application researcher, sensory researcher, to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the delicious nutrition of the product


Development of health products

Strict formula research and stability research in the development of health care products can ensure the stability of the whole product during the shelf life, and provide health care product declaration services.


Innovation research

The research team can better understand market trends, product preferences, emerging ingredients, etc. through industry consumer research, so as to help Help our customers choose and focus on the right products in the process of brand operation.